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Flexible SEO plans with all safe white hat strategies to get you highest rank in Google search results.

Search engine optimization

We plan targeted SEO Campaigns that drive maximum traffic, leads and sales.

We, as a SEO service provider in Kolkata helps client’s website rank in social platform so that millions of users can get to know about your business. 3Rascals provide both on-site and off-site SEO services in Kolkata.

Through our search engine optimization services we make your website SEO friendly so that in search engine your website will always rank higher and can get more views by the search engine users. 3Rascals is the SEO company which provides up to date digital marketing services so that your website never faces a penalty. We also use only white hat SEO techniques for all the projects.

We focus mainly on the keywords which are most used by the audience and result oriented. Our main target is to make our clients happy by making their sites on top ranks.

seo services by 3rascals:

Website Analysis

This service is mainly done to go through the website for improvement in organic search results.

Competitor Analysis

Here, we do the analysis comparing with competitors i.e. with other websites to develop effective SEO strategies for making marketing your business.

Keyword Research

On this service, we do research on keyword tools and selecting the business-yielding keywords for your website and creating content on the basis of that keywords.

Website Optimization

It Helps in improving all the key features like header tags, meta tags etc.

Performance Monitoring

We keep on monitoring the website traffic, user behavior, conversion rates with webmaster tools.

seo process we follow to rank a website:

Our Team of SEO experts follow proven steps for a business to generate revenue online.

Keywords & Competitor Analysis
On-page SEO
Website audit
Link Audit & Building
Content Marketing
Social Media
Off- page SEO

keywords and competitor analysis

This is the foremost step to be taken as a SEO servicer where the SEO company need to find relevant keywords then according work on client’s website adding them and analyzing with the competitors so that the site will get good top rankings at least the site should be shown on the first page on Google or any other browser.

on-page seo

This service is included only inside the websites rather than doing outworks. This is one of the important services as a SEO service provider where the main focus is optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. All on-Page works includes here are Meta titles, internal linking, Meta tags & descriptions, h1, h2 tag, image alt tag etc. This is done for best SEO result. Therefore, on-page optimization conduct an analysis of your site to see how the anatomy of your page is performing. And no-page is left behind. It has various factors that help in improving website performance:

Title Tags
Meta Descriptions
Optimize images
H1, H2, H3…H6 tags
Page speed

website audit

This service provides quick SEO success. It works both on technical part as well as content part, keyword tools, and URL. We fix all issues related to websites. Then finally we go for the SEO part to check whether the site is SEO friendly or not to generate leads.

link audit & building

We do link audit properly before going through SEO strategy. It is necessary to check whether any link is creating spam penalties from Google or not. Then we start link building, it's the most effective way to gain traffic and ranking.

content marketing

Content is the most important factor for both on page and off page optimization. The helps in attracting the users and also as well stick them to the site. Contents help the users know about the website easily, providing a gist about the site, what it is about or in what way it will be helpful.

social media

This is one of the most important processes in SEO which makes your content easily shareable. We always link with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest. It helps to increases websites brand reputation & trust about your Product / services.

off-page seo

Here we acquire the best quality links from websites that are relevant to your brand. So, it has to include some strategies which includes:

Competition link research
Profile links
RSS feeds directories
Blog marketing
Social outreach
Widget directories
Business directories
Web app directories
Podcast directories
Document submission
Mobile app directories
Shopping feed submission
Micro blogging
Local listings
Case study promotion
Social bookmarking
Blog commenting
Event promotion
Newsletter promotion
Broken links

best seo practices we follow:

We use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest. It helps to increases websites brand reputation & trust about your Product / services.

We always focus on content which should be Fresh & Innovative. We also check website contents for readablity with Testing Tools to get effective results. Therefore, content marketing is a most important task for top ranking websites.

What matters for us the most is page speed for top rankings. Good download speed of Webpage is best for ranking, the speed of any webpage should not be more than 2 seconds as users have low patience to loss interest.

We find for right Keywords tools like, SEMrush, Moz’s Keyword Explorer which are called High Value Keywords. We focus on these keywords to increases traffic and leads.

We always focus on creative and unique content. We also check website contents for readability with Testing Tools to get good results. As we all that content marketing is the most important factor for top rankings in search engine.

our specialized services:

Local SEO

It helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers at the exact time they’re looking for them online. 3Rascals Solution specializes on local search marketing services. Clients should keep in mind that too level their expectation of their sites they need to get on the first page of search engines on Google otherwise effects will be zero. 3Rascals provides local SEO service for organic traffic search rankings, Google Local Maps Optimization service

Ecommerce SEO

E-commerce is one of the predominant ways of online presence that a company can have on the new media. The emergence of businesses into the media platform helps people to target and reach the customers located at different geographical places. The e-commerce websites also offer a convenient way to shop for various categories of products and services from the comfort of your home. At 3Rascals, we understand how important such online presence can be for a website and so try to provide the most appropriate digital marketing solution.

SEO for small business

It helps in flourishing your business in imperative that to strike a balance in these factors to ensure impressive site ranking. The service is therefore meant to help a new business and find its feet in the highly competitive market. SEO for small business complicated activity with a lot of factors.

We help you get quality traffic for your websites:

We help our client website to be on top rankings and for that we check the customers perceptions and behavior. In this manner we help our clients drive quality organic traffic to client website. SEO is basically helping your business in building on social platforms.

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